Yesterday being Valentine’s Day, I decided to turn off my bitch-o-meter (well at least turn it down), and try out the day just going with the flow.  Because let’s face it, after 12 years of marriage I ought to know by now just how little change will ever result from good constructive criticism anyway.  I decided Valentine’s Day would be a good seguay into viewing my world of marriage as a place where all who live here are free to just be.  I really think the groundwork for what we expect out of a pleasant Saturday together has long since been laid, so what is the point of reminders about crumbs on the counter or not using the banister as a coat rack?  The fact is, we do what we do because it’s what we feel like doing.  The majority of life circumstances prevent one from taking the liberty to do what feels good because we have to do what the boss says, or the kids need, or the parents expect.  I so often forget the simple reason I am living in the reality that I am today, with 3 kids, 2 dogs and a husband. 

     It is because I fell in love.  This is the man who was once my refuge from all the bullshit life throws, my perfect man, my honey, my dreamboat who made me laugh and fixed my boo-boos.  He could have emptied the toaster all over my sheets and I would have probably used it for an excuse to get naked and try something new.  So in honor of getting back to basics and living a little closer to ground level, I am going to dust off the old blinders and fall in love with my boyfriend all over again.

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