Today while driving to class I made the same observation I make every time I enter into the downtown area en route.  I see the same things in the same places every day, and included in my sights among churches, libraries and abandoned buildings are the people who live there.  I usually keep my focus on changing lights and open parking spaces while everything else fades into the periphery, but today for some reason my experience of what I saw seemed up close and personal, and left me wondering: WTF?  So I decided to just put all my WTF? moments out there for the taking:

1)  Why do poor people jaywalk all over in the street, weaving in and out between cars at stop lights or stroll across the main drag walking slowly, expecting drivers to yield or stop so they can keep on going their merry way to nowhere in particular?

2)  Why is half the city wheeling around in wheelchairs?  How did all these people lose a leg?  You could attend a banquet for Vietnam Vets and you wouldn’t drum up as many missing legs as you can within one square mile of homeless people downtown. 

3)  Why can’t they come up with a new pitch for handouts other than needing money for the bus?  I know damn well they aren’t going anywhere.  It’s getting old and boring already.

4)  What kind of morals are behind a party store advertising food stamps and liquor in the same bulletin?  Come on, mama taught you better than that.

5)  Why don’t homeless people shovel snow for money when it snows?  If they can get their hands on a wheelchair they can probably figure out how to score a shovel. 

     These are the questions that fill my head as I make a 5 minute drive from the express way to my university.  And my heart is heavy for the reality the jaywalkers and wheelchair wheelers have to face every day, especially when it is cold out.  So to an end to today’s sorry post, I will lift Detroit in prayer.

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