We rolled into summer break with 103.7 fevers, vomitting and lethargy.

To kick off the season, a few of my BFF’s and their kids together with mine planned a really WILD and CRAZY afternoon of kid fun. Water balloons, slip and slide, painting birdhouses, grilling, trampeline, tents – you name it, it was in the plan.

Then it rained. Really hard. All day.

So we improvised. We moved it indoors and the kids ran completely bonkers for several hours while we cooked, drank and listened to music. We let the kids outside to paint the birdhouses in between raindrops. We grilled – in between raindrops, and they put suits on and went outside (in the raindrops) for about 2o minutes. But the rest of the time they ate snacks and rolled around together everywhere. The girls painted each other’s nails, the boys wrestled. As we drank more, they grew less loud, but still it was anarchy for hours.

This was Thurdsay. By Saturday, 3 of the 4 families included in the fun were bed ridden with strep throat.

Lesson learned: Sometimes, sharing the love has it’s cost.

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