Just once I wish that when I get my mail from the mailbox, there could be an invitation to something that is just in the spirit of friendship, rather than 3 thank-you’s for the obligatory gifts given at parties we have been invited to.

Does it really take a graduation or a birthday as a reason to invite your friends over? I mean come on people, have a pot-luck if money is the issue. People love people. We all have special people in our lives we care about, and there are plenty of other random folks out there who could really use a reaching out to. Why do we get so wrapped up in our own little worlds, creating a bubble around us just focused on “me and mine?”

Just once, I wish I could open up a tiny little envelope to find inside a happy note that just says, “Let’s get together!”

Whenever I question the compatability of my husband and me for the way he is a neat freak, I am a slob, he likes sausage, me: not a fan, or our completely dichotomus tastes in movies, I remember that on some really big issues, we are two peas in a pod.

We love people. We like to share in the spirit of friendship whenever we can. We try to be generous in giving to others in honor of that spirit. Yes, we have been taken advantage of for having open hearts and an open door, but all in all, the risk is worth taking again and again.

So come on over. Bring something to share. If you have nothing, we will always find enough for everyone.

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