If all the extra crap working mothers (who choose to work) buy will really matter down the road when the kids are grown and they are 60?

Will they remember the Coach purse? The fancy minivan? The pedis and manis? Toys kids don’t need and clothes they out grow?

I give up a lot of that stuff to be home with my kids. Sometimes I feel frustrated when our drawers aren’t constantly updated with new clothes and my skin looks bad because I have to wait on my beauty products.

Then I think…will it really matter in the long run if we had those things? I don’t think so. I have to often get creative when finding things for my kids to do in the summer on a budget, but the result usually entails a whole lot more time together, because I can’t pay the buck to get them out of my hair.

And I wouldn’t want to. I believe in 20 years, this will make all the difference.

One thought on “Sometimes I wonder…

  1. Amen sister! I know the kids will only remember what home felt like and picture either MOM or some combo. of Mom, Grandma, Nanny A,B, and C!

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