In the upcoming week my husband is off work. We have been enjoying long weekends and short work weeks so far as he clocks in the hours of unpaid furloughs. But next week marks our one true week of “vacation.”

More like stay-cation. We don’t plan on going too far. This year we need to be inventive with how we do vacation so my husband gave each of the kids an assignment to make a list of fun things they would like to do with the family. He encouraged local but open to day trips. And so my daughters got to work thinking up all sorts of family activities that ranged from visiting the zoo to going to the community pool together. It was cute how they focused on just spending time together relaxing. My oldest suggested a family campout/movie night in the living room. My youngest wants to go fishing, visit pet stores, go to the movies and go to the library together. They seem to understand we just can’t financially do the cape this year, or a cottage week, but somehow those girls were so happy to express their understanding and simple desire to just have fun being together with no daddy work pressures or mommy housework distractions.

My son, on the other hand, took the opportunity to let his corniness shine. He turned nine this summer, and is in every way letting us know it. Girls at nine become more self conscious, boys on the other hand seem to lose all sense of personal inhibition. The grosser the better. Seriousness at this point is hard to come by.

After reading the long, endearing lists of family fun my girls came up with, our son drops this list off on our nightstand before heading to bed last night:

1. paint pottys
2. play Guitar Hero
3. go to Ford showrooms
4. count hobos
5. eat cheese
6. play super booger
7. count who has the longest nosehairs

I suspect he will be adding to this list as his bodily functions inspire him some more.

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