This weekend was one of those happy-busy times when there’s a constant flow of movement, little rest, little actually accomplished but oddly, something gained. My husband had the day off work Friday and we took the rare occasion of having daytime hours to be alone togther while the kids were in school.

Typically when we have evening dates complete with babysitter, the venue is always the same: we go to dinner, share a bottle of wine, come home and open another bottle over great conversation, then have wild, passionate sex. Daytime dates are about the same but it goes more like this: breakfast and coffee, shopping and conversation, jokes all day about sex in public (how about the back seat? The fitting room at Marshall’s?) then home for an afternoon delight before picking up the kiddies. I mean when else can you focus on each other for more than 10 consecutive minutes with three children vying for your attention? (to answer that, NEVER!)

The day was lovely. We breakfasted, went around to garden shops and bird stores looking at things for our dream landscaping, visited my parents to see their newly renovated house and then picked our kids up from school and headed straight to their favorite local pet shop with my mom’s parrot, the one she’s trying to get us to adopt (we’re not). We ordered pizza and came home to a messy house, happy kids and the prospect of a relaxing evening hanging out in the backyard. We scrambled for an hour and a half to tidy up the dishes, sweep floors and change laundry since we decided to ignore it all day earlier. By 6:30 we were all set, fed and ready to have some fun! The kids had friends in and out and we had a friend and her children come by as our Friday night rolled with a typical “TGIF” energy.

After a long day and a late night, I put the children to bed, cleaned my kitchen again and hit the pillow hard. Saturday rolled into kids’ activities and a trip to the market because we had invited my husband’s family over for dinner. Work, work work! Cleaning and bathing and cooking all day, we still had a wonderful time of it. My mother-in-law appreciated time with us and the kids had another really fun day with their cousins. After company left we yet AGAIN cleaned the kitchen, baths and to bed much earlier.

The next day was just easy like Sunday morning! My kids had an invite from a family whom they adore for a super fun afternoon neighborhood playdate while my husband worked in the backyard cleaning up and weeding. I putzed and cleaned inside and threw a simple grilled dinner togther because by 5 p.m. I was pooped! Bed was calling us all that evening. No one complained a bit about going early, least of all me because the cup of coffee I had had the night before had me running on a few short hours of sleep all day!

Anyway, no great shakes, this post, just a little journal about my very ordinay weekend. I can’t exactly put my finger on it; it was as usual as any weekend can be, but as unboring as ever. So I suppose I wanted to write this to bless that; ordinary things that can bring joy in unexpected forms. Happy kids, dirty knees. Affectionate husbands. Grateful mother-in-laws. Kind and generous friends and neighbors. An abundance of children always running about. I love that. I love that my friend and mother of four who lives across the street sees the value in a big, healthy game of capture the flag between 12 kids ranging in age. She takes it on because she wants those kids to BREATH FRESH AIR! And laugh and play and learn the rules of appropriate social conduct. I love that too.

So in thanks to all the above, I feel blessed. I only hope that in the course of my life I have added in some small way to those around me the joyful feeling of friendship and love that so many have bestowed upon me and my family. Without the people who share my journey, I’m not sure a boring, ordinary weekend would mean half as much, or be half the fun!

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