We are having a festival of birds at our house right now. Three families nesting outside, a resident woodpecker and two parrots inside. The berries bring the cardinals, babes in the nest have the jays swooping over. Finches look to be in love. I have grown intimate with our little green cheek and forget that the wild ones don’t like people. They just flit away when I lurch closer. But for some reason right now it feels like we are consumed with a home full of feathered friends.

It reminds me of my grandma who loved birds too. She would haul those heavy bags of seed from the grain elevator by her tiny self to be sure the birds got their grub. She had fancy houses for them and oranges and nector for the hummingbirds. I never paid much attention to all that growing up around her, it was just part of the scenery at grandma’s. But now as I get older I realize we must consciously look for things to bring us close to nature and innocence. Because children aren’t usually doing the looking, they are the essence of it. To children everything is a fascinating gift and creation!

I hope these guys stay for a while because they are so funny! In a weird way they seem like part of our family because they reside here with us.

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