Today was a beautiful day. It was the first day I’ve seen in color for a very long time. I could give long details about my son’s amazing field trip with his class or the weather that turned unexpectedly delightful. A good morning with the kids. No dull headaches.

But I know in my secret heart that good days for me don’t usually have much to do with field trips or weather. This is the stuff my life is made of. Lately for me good days have everything to do with my ususal ability to see the blessings in my life in technicolor instead of needing to search desperately for joy under a shroud of gloom. In fact as it has just occurred to me now, the word gloom has never been part of a vocabulary I would use to describe anything about myself.

So I won’t linger too long, with words like gloom. They’ll have to pack their bags because they can’t stay here. My life is a happy zone and I intend to protect her walls.

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