He drives me nuts. He has vices I hate. He’s impatient. He’s moody. He’s stubborn. He forgets to put the porch light on when I’m out.

The list probably doesn’t end there, but the rest really doesn’t matter. I’ve grown to realize what qualities are truly important in a life mate, and in discovering a deeper understanding of love. A friend of mine asked recently how I would describe love; what is love and how do you know when you have it?

Well, I have no answer to that. I think we mistake “love” for thousands of words. As far as I can tell, love is just a mystery.

The thing I do know is there is a long list of things I admire and appreciate in my husband, and the fact that he chooses to share his life with me makes me feel very special. If that isn’t love, not sure it really matters if I ever get to the bottom of that. I’ve always said I aspire to a life built on substance, and to me this list is pretty substantial.

My man is:

a good friend
hygenic (oops, wrong list. I meant germaphobe!)
best breakfast cook

There is so much more. But I do not wrote these things lightly, these are his essence. Each word for me evokes a billion little instances in which I witnessed these qualities. So for every moment I stew about the porch light or over-fertilized brown grass, I shall think of the many, many other moments that add up to this list.

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