Week two of kids in school, mom tending the fires at home. I’m lovin’ it! Fall happens to be my favorite season ever and I get to see this one into the holidays without my own school agenda lurking in the corners of every hour as I watch the clock tick toward pick-up for my kids and then into an evening of chaos with night classes, homework, chores piled up, etc.

The best part is that I still feel as passionate as ever about my teaching goals and studies toward them. I’m just liking the pace I’m at for now. We rolled into the weekend organized and ready for fun! I had two light chapters of my own homwork already read and feeling capable of ENJOYING my weekend with my family – and I DID! I finished a book in 3 days just for leisure. Monday morn, kids off, house tidy, bills paid, skimmed over class news and upcoming school events and ready to get dinner going! I know this is all temporary, and I know the thrill wouldn’t last if we were flat broke and I had not made the decision long ago to get my degree and work as the kids got older. I would be stressed and depressed and unable to enjoy what I am today.

Homemaking this year will be a vacation from what is yet to come. I think in the back of my head I know this, which makes feathering my nest right now a particular joy to me. It isn’t ALL I’ll ever be. But it will always be a great, big part of my identity and I hope my kids will always think so too. Mom who bakes, mom who cooks. Mom who’s there to pick them up, mom who’s home to comfort.

I am in a bit of a bind for figuring out how to finish paying for my school, but I have a funny feeling it will all work out in the end. For now my hands are tied, and I like it. I like NOT having choices right now. Life is so much simpler when there is only one path to choose. Not always, not for eveyone, but certainly for me in this circumstance right now.

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