You can run, but you can’t hide from this truth. You can convince yourself of things, wish and hope for them, BELIEVE in them, pretend them…but underneath our words and actions there lies a kinetic energy that can never be fooled. It exists everywhere and no matter how much we reason one thing or the other, the energy is waiting in the shadows to zap us with those tugging intuitions that quietly reveal the lies we tell ourselves.

Eventually you realize you’ve woken up 10 days straight with a headache and can’t muster enough energy to get past the breakfast meal. There comes a day of reckoning in all of us to decide our fate, and live it. No regrets, no fear, not an ounce of guilt. Because eventually we need our life force to live OUR lives, not as a reserve for others who are too weak, or scared, or lazy or simply too attached to us to do the work for themselves.

The work of finiding happiness WITHIN.

Because my tank is running low and in order for me to recharge this battery I need to take the key out of the ignition and allow the current to flow through me, but not out. Not now. Not for a while.

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