I say this often, I believe in it always…

In the end, everything will be okay
If it’s not okay, it’s not the end!

It is the single most practical way of easing the pain of any situation. Difficult moments – however long they may last, are temporary growing spurts. I think how we handle them is far more relevent than trying to manipulate outcomes. In releasing fear, living by our core value and loving ourselves, no matter what happens around us we will always be okay.

I’m putting into the universe a list of my core values that I aspire to, seek to attract and hopefully eminate in my life:

respect for others
passion for life
nurturing physical, spiritual and mental health
loyalty to self when others doubt or disagree
belief in the law of abundance

Through the progress of my own spiritual work I commit to honoring these values daily in my interactions with others, even when it is difficult. I know that I cannot change the actions or choices of others, but I have the power to hold steadfast to what I believe in and allow these values to envelope my life. I will feel joy and gratitude for my amazing experience on earth, beginning with the incredible gift of my three beautiful and talented children.

There is nothing to fear, nothing to grieve, nothing to covet and nothing to regret. My life is a perfect reflection of the contents of my heart and I will work daily toward remaining attuned to my soul's desires.

Thank you angels, for your assistance on my journey! I feel you everpresently in everything I do, even in the form of my dissapointments and missteps.

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