Who are the people in power, and how did they get it? They seem as ordinary as anyone I know, yet they hold the fate of lives in the palms of their hands. How do they sleep at night knowing they earn their wages deflating confidence, cancelling hopes, turning people to face foreclosure on homes or hot dogs for dinner 4 days a week? College grads work their butts off and go 60k into debt to fight tooth and nail for a $12 an hour job.

Smart and talented stay-home-moms haven’t a chance in this rat-race without a list of accolades and accomplishments to pull out from some former powerhouse version of who they once were. They better have a Grammy up their sleeve if they think they’re beating out friends and family of the Power People. My daughter tells me how neat it is that her former music teacher’s daughter has taken over her job! I’m all wow! What are the odds of that???

I’ll tell you the odds people…one in about 400 these days. But I guess this who-ya-know game takes the guesswork out of the heavy business of weeding through all those darn applications people so carefully put together and send in with their hopes and dreams.

It’s dog-eat-dog out there.

I guess my problem is I’m not hungry enough, and frankly, not dog enough either.

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