67A78CEF-7B1F-4DD5-9B80-7948A0300C9BIt’s been so long since I have written at the Sass Box.  My big girl is a graduating senior this year, I need to catch up!

She’s 18 and finishing her high school career in 4 months.  It’s hard to believe (but totally believable-it’s been a long journey).  Next year the boy is right behind.  I will be 44 and have two graduated from high school!  Ahhhh...  I don’t care how many people want to tell me that my job is nowhere near finished (duh) I still do a happy dance for getting this far.  So far, so good.  They are good eggs.  Not perfect, but I am a very, very grateful mother.  I feel the weight lifting just a little.  It makes me exhale knowing that after they turn 18 and graduate, anything I do from there on is charity, not my job.

Unthinkable!  The Nerve!  What mother says that?  This lady right here with two thumbs and grown-ass kids, that’s who.  Oh God they’re going to hate me when they read this, oh yes they will.  They’ll think I’m a slacker, a lazy mom who of late loves to sit on the couch and have Netflix marathons, not clean the house, not make dinner…  I’m either in a rut or just over it.  One can never know when the old spark of domesticity will jolt me back to a former version of the mom we all mourn.  One just never knows.

But seriously, there is now a household of almost 4 adults and a 14-year-old with peculiar eating, sleeping, and hygiene habits so she doesn’t count.  I could cook and clean all day and it really would get lost on her anyway.  So tell me again why I would go to work every day and then come home and bust my butt as maid service?  nah.  (Good Lord I’m going to hell for that.  And my poor husband…)

Anyway, just swinging by, I’ll be back soon.  I have to keep up on the daily grind.  Hopefully this little trip down memory lane will jog my sentiments just enough to revive my dead inner housewife.  If not, welcome to I-don’t-give-a-fiddler’s-fartsville!

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