E0F460B9-B922-4A6E-92BC-33D3EEAE5EF2Somehow it seems that in my earlier years writing when the kids were younger, I don’t believe my sweetest little one has had many posts devoted just to her.  This one’s for you.

First year of high school and today was your last day of midterms.  The results are in: you are an amazing student.  THIS is one of those moments in parenting that makes the seemingly endless ingratitude and unrewarding parts completely worth it.  I am so proud of this love of mine, words cannot convey.  She dances four nights a week and somehow has time to maintain her grades and a very lively social life on top of that.  What pushes a kid to work as hard as it requires to be a highly successful student?  Actually, I can think of many things that do but with my daughter, it’s a little perplexing.  Her oldest sister has modeled an exemplary work ethic her entire educational career this far and perhaps that may factor in, but she finds assessments challenging so often her grades do not measure accurately her investment in her education.  We don’t make a fuss over B’s and C’s and even an occasional D if we have reason to believe it was unavoidable.  My middle son has high intelligence, low performance at times.  We’ll leave it at that.  The point here is, in this house we don’t get too bent out of shape over grades.  There are various reasons beyond parenting laziness behind this.  I have never in all my years of parent-teacher conferences had it been reported to me that my children were anything but decent young humans exemplified by many, many eye-witness accounts of solid character.  This is what is most important to us:  character.

So this little chica could probably be getting away with academic mediocrity under the radar and spare herself the stress, time, effort, and pressure it takes to be a high achieving student.  Her dad and I have enormous respect and admiration for the pride, dignity and self respect we know is behind many things she accomplishes.  All of my kids exhibit this in their unique ways, definitely.

And they are all so very different.  This little one is such a mini-me, we are both Leos and I love having another fire sign in the house brimming with the joie de vivre I had at her age. She’s the biggest pain in the ass; complicated and needy and immature and MESSY!  But she’s worth every ounce of it.  She’s a beautiful soul and one of the greatest blessings of my entire life.  My love for her abounds every time I just think about her.  She’s the greatest gift to this family because she models love and loyalty through every storm and reminds every one of us what it takes to be a family.  I celebrate you today, my sweet baby girl.  I love you infinitely.  You are my treasure.

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