My desire to buy a cottage for my family has been swelling.  For 6 years, we have rented an adorable cottage in a small coastal town just under 3 hours from our house, due North.  Trust me when I tell you:  everything’s better North.  After this past year’s stress of my husband’s job loss, it’s made me reassess everything.  I think of the income he formerly had and I realized we kept deferring our cottage dream for later. Looking back, I realize we could have had a cottage paid off by now on the money we wasted elsewhere.  Our income is less now, and I feel more ready than ever to make this happen.

We’re going to be tight, we’re going to have to budget hard to do this.  It’s a risk.  Some might think it’s foolish to jump into this so soon after my husband landing a new job, but I just have a feeling it’s the right investment for our family.  We just spent a week on vacay with my BFF and her family and she’s the Original Risk Taker.  She dreams it, she believes it, she achieves it.  She jumps in with both feet whether it’s med school, starting a practice, marriage, having FOUR kids, or just being a devoted wife.  She’s an entrepreneur of all things and I couldn’t be more proud of her, or more inspired by her.

So we found a darling little cottage right down the trail from the cottage we rent in an area we love.  It needs some tailoring to our needs as a family, personalizing, and some tlc, but it’s a goody.  I offered 25k under listing which I did not think was an unreasonable starting point.  The agent said she rejected 30k under, so I went up 5k from that.  It was a verbal offer, and I received a counter offer of 10k under asking.  I told the agent (who is acting as dual agent for us both) I cannot meet that number, so I asked him to prepare a written offer with another 5k on top of that, putting the offer at 20k under asking.  This is where I started losing my mind.

I asked him to prepare the written offer in the evening and by noon the next day I had not received the document to sign, he had not yet prepared it.  I had the sense he was stalling me so in haste I told him I had an agent who could prepare the offer and get it sent in an hour, or he could do it, but I wanted it done.  He was FURIOUS.  He told me go ahead, do what I want, he doesn’t care, blah blah blah.  I told him I was not thatperson, that I wanted to work with him (which at that point did not but knew ethnically I should)  and that I am only trying to get to the goal of the offer.  So he expediently sent me an offer to sign and that was that.  It had a 3 day expiration and by the 4th day still had heard nothing.  So I emailed him, and he tells me he’s heard no word on anything.

Reeeeallllllly? Tell me another one.  If you’re going to lie, at least make it interesting.  If you’re going to play games, at least get creative.  In truth I’m aware he’s working to get the highest number for his seller and himself, and it was over the 4th of July and it’s a crazy time.  So here we are 5 days out and I have zero idea what’s going on and it’s driving me crazy!

All I can do at this point is be patient, stay hopeful, and put it into God’s hands.  Have faith that what is meant to be will be, that God will lead us to our perfect place.  It’s exciting when you really trust in that, and believe in miracles.  But patience is not one of my virtues and this is a hard exercise in patience.  I know for now that no answer is still better than a no, and I’ll choose to remain solid in my faith over this.  Wish me luck!

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