I have struggled a lot lately with the fact that I feel needed and tugged at and almost demanded attention by all my nearest and dearest. Most certainly this is by design so I have no fair reason to complain, but it takes a toll on me. My good friend said to me that she can’t afford to have a bad day because all her people look to her for inspiration! Joy! Positive energy, support, help. I get that. Day 5 of Coronavirus and despite that, and also because of it, I feel very loved.When the governor first announced we must shelter in place, a little part of me felt guilty about the fact I was glad I would be locked in my house with no obligation to tend to anyone but myself and my family. I love my family and friends, all of them. I enjoy entertaining. I enjoy visiting, but certain things begin feeling less like pleasure and more like chores when there are underlying expectations and needs. Well, that’s for another post. For now my focus is on the fact that on top of the current conditions, I have covid-19.

And man my people are good to me. I am feeling immeasurably blessed. Not only have I had the time to lie in bed and engage in the funniest, most endearing texts and group chats with my close friends, family, my sister, my old friends, new friends, friends from our clubs, neighbors… I’ve never felt so connected while being physically isolated! I have my husband and two of my children at my reach 24/7 (my sweet eldest is at her college apartment). My dad has brought us so many groceries and food every day. Today my cousin came a long way to bring me a delicious home cooked meal, oranges, vitamins. My best friend sent her husband over with a first rate vitamin arsenal from her chiropractic practice!

((((((feeling blessed!))))))

And I love my home. It’s a great place to be and I have loved this house since the day we bought it. God is good. Thank you for all you have given me.

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